The Truth About The Ohio State University Terrorist Attack

At Ohio State University on Monday November 28th, 2016 at 9:21am, a gas alarm forced an evacuation of a campus building while firefighters investigated the issue. Thirty minutes later, a man drove over the curb and plowing his vehicle into the crowd of students. The suspect, later identified as Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, then exited his vehicle and began stabbing other Ohio State students with a butcher knife until he was shot dead by Police Officer Alan Horujko.


Ohio State Terrorist Attack: Aftermath

The BORDER STATES of AMERICA with Nick Searcy

An unprecedented wave of illegal immigration is washing over America, threatening the fabric of our nation. But the Obama Administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws, resulting in tens of thousands of people illegally entering the US. Now, our new film reveals the full scope of this crisis.

The Border States of America takes viewers from the Rio Grande Valley to towns across the country, telling the story of human smugglers and drug cartels who profit from Obama’s policies; of American citizens whose lives are put at risk; and the social and economic toll on our communities. We cut through the fog to bring you the truth about what is really happening with the border crisis.

Television and film star Nick Searcy has come on board to narrate The Border States of America. He is an accomplished actor, director, and producer with a career spanning more than 30 years in cinema, television, and on the stage. With dozens of starring and supporting roles across a wide range of feature films and TV shows under his belt, we couldn’t be more excited to have him help tell this story.

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Gun Control is Mind Control; Everything You’ve been told is a Lie

This article was originally published by  of Student Of The Gun on October 17, 2016. CLICK HERE to read the Original Article.

You are being unreasonable. There is no reason, not one, that weapons of war need to be on our streets.” Said the shrill-voiced female guest, one of four people supporting strict gun control out of a group of six. All of six people had been invited to participate in a live forum by an Internet news outlet.

“If what you say is true,” countered the panel member who was brought on to represent the gun culture, “then I assume you believe that the government; local, state and Federal, should lead by example and destroy every assault rifle in their collective inventories, immediately.”

All four anti-gunners erupted with mixture of nervous or indignant laughter. Some shouted over the others that the government keeps us safe, there are terrorists to worry about, criminals have those guns and the police cannot be outgunned.

Folks, I was that gun culture panelist. The panel included 3 hard corps gun control advocates, the moderator who supported the anti-gun position by his words and actions, myself, and a YouTube gun guy.

Gun Control is Mind Control

Gun Control is Mind Control

Soft-minded Rejection

It saddens me that a good many people who would benefit from the following paragraphs will never get beyond the title. While you might offer that the title should be altered to make it more attractive to the soft-minded reader, I would counter that the soft-minded are beyond the reach of the written word.

To that end, I would charge you, the dedicated reader, to consume the following and break it down into the most easily digestible words and phrases you can for the soft-minded people in your life. They must be spoon fed the truth. A few may consume it, but most will spit it out like a misbehaving toddler.

The State is Exempt

To proceed any further, we have to come to the agreement that gun control is not about the complete and total eradication of firearms, or certain types of firearms, from planet earth. Gun control advocates temper every single call for more restrictions, confiscation, and a complete ban on ownership with an exemption for the State.

Since the first national gun control bill was passed in 1934, the State, and its list of approved employees, have been exempt from these laws. The tone was set and since that time cities, states, and the US Federal government have written themselves out of the laws they wish to impose upon the citizen, the taxpayer, the people they are Constitutionally charged with representing.

Gun Control is Mind Control

Gun control is mind control for many reasons. Let us examine one of the most glaring attempts at mind control. In order for Gun Control to succeed, the people must first be convinced that they are in fact a subservient or lower class of people than those who work for the State. A person must be led to believe that they are forbidden to own or possess any of several inanimate objects because the risk of them owning such an item is far too great. However, their neighbor who lives down the street and may seem for all intents and purposes to be very similar to them, has been exempted from such restrictions because they work for the State.

When gun control advocates defend the exemptions for State employees, they bolster that by saying that said employees need the otherwise evil guns to protect themselves and their very lives. That stated purpose immediately puts on display the idea that the lives of State employees are more valuable, because they require greater protection than the mere citizen or “civilian” does.  The people are no longer equal to their government, they are a step or two below it.



  • Gun control is mind control in that while you might believe that you, as your own person, may be able to curb your baser instincts and therefore be trusted to own certain objects, your neighbors and other people in society cannot be trusted to do the same. Only by the act of surrendering control to the State can the State have enough power to control the actions of your untrustworthy neighbors and fellow citizens.
  • Gun control is mind control because you must be convinced that objects that were perfectly legal to purchase and possess yesterday, perhaps they have been legal for fifty years, have today become objects so threatening and dangerous that they must be removed from circulation. Again, not removed from the hands of the State, but from the hands of the people.
  • Gun control is mind control as you must be brainwashed into believing that by surrendering your right to possess an inanimate object, that a rapist, robber, murderer, even a terrorist, will somehow be hindered in their desire to commit heinous felonies against you and your community.
  • Gun control is mind control because it must convince you that the laws currently forbidding rape, robbery, murder, and terrorism are not strong enough to prevent those acts from occurring, but a malum prohibitum[1] bill making an object illegal will prevent the aforementioned crimes.
  • Gun control is mind control because the subjects of the control must be made to believe that the existing malum in se [2]  laws, passed down from generation to generation, culture to culture, for the entire recorded history of man, are not enough to prevent vicious criminal behavior. However, the prohibition of an inanimate object is indeed enough to stop criminal behavior.
  • Gun control is mind control because you must believe that despite the passage of NFA 1934[3] and more than 80 years of gun control in the United States of America, even more restrictions are needed to make us “safe”.
  • Gun control is mind control in that you must believe that, despite demonstrable evidence to the contrary, more malum prohibitum statutes can make the world a safer place.



  • Gun control is mind control as it attempts to convince you that the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights allows all manner of hateful and radical speech, but the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights has been misunderstood and allows for the State to alter it in any manner they deem appropriate.
  • Gun control is mind control as you must not realize nor understand that the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous lower courts have ruled that the State has “no duty to protect” the people as individual citizens [4] only the public in general. This mind control convinces you that the police need their guns to protect you, the citizen, though the courts have ruled that they literally cannot be held accountable to keep that promise.
  • Gun control is mind control because you must be led to believe that firearms related accidental injuries and deaths are the greatest public health risk that the nation faces. You must ignore the fact that firearms accidents fall statistically far below those from automobile crashes, falls, poisoning, drowning, electrocution, and burns.
  • Gun control is mind control in that you must be convinced that your “feelings” or how you “feel” about the subject of firearms is just as important, if not more so, than the actual facts of the matter. Emotions are more important than reality and feelings trump facts.
  • Gun control is mind control whereas you must believe in your heart that saving the life of “just one child” is a reason for more restrictions on your liberty while at the same time you must also believe that every woman has the “reproductive right” to end the life of the child growing in her womb.
  • Finally, gun control is mind control as you must be convinced that rather than to use the inanimate objects, those so dangerous and feared that they must be banned, as instruments of liberty to defend the very rights that are being stripped away, you are instead obligated to peacefully surrender them.

For gun control to succeed, you must believe that truth is lies and lies are truth. You must believe that the State can be trusted with all things, but the people, those whom the State is commanded to represent by the United States Constitution, cannot be trusted and therefore must be controlled.


[1] Malum Prohibitum : is a Latin phrase used in law to refer to conduct that constitutes an unlawful act only by virtue of statute, as opposed to conduct that is evil in and of itself, or malum in se.

[2] Malum In Se: is a Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself. The phrase is used to refer to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing the conduct

[3] The NFA was originally enacted in 1934. Similar to the current NFA, the original Act imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the Act, as well as a special (occupational) tax on persons and entities engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing, and dealing in NFA firearms.


  • Jan 28, 2013 – The court has kept this stance for over 30 years. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police officers at all levels of the government have no duty to protect the citizens of this country. It is the job of police officers to investigate crimes and arrest criminals.



The Muslim Agenda

NBT Films presents ‘The Muslim Agenda’, a movie which exposes the shocking truth about islam, it’s incompatibility with western ideals and it’s cult-like ideology. The contents of the film exposes the evil verses and teachings taken directly from the Quran and Hadiths and demonstrates it’s sick doctrine of hate, gender inequality, intolerance of homosexuals, anti-semitism, racial discrimination and permission for muslim men to indulge in sex slavery, child rape and molestation.

The Muslim Agenda also exposes other diabolical facet’s of the faith, including islam’s culture of psychological indoctrination, guilt complex, and mind control which is imposed on young impressionable muslim men to commit jihad. The final end game through acts of jihad, is a worldwide controlled caliphate whereby Sharia law is forced upon all mankind and subjugation of all non-muslims must take place. This is the ultimate desire of all devout muslims who remain faithful to the divisive and destructive religious tenets set by Muhammad, the prophet of islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within

This 10 part course is presented by Frank Gaffney who is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy and current President of the Center for Security Policy.

The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

By allowing our attention to be focused exclusively on the danger and prevention of terrorism, we ignore the many other ways we are being attacked. This series is an introduction to ‘civilization jihad’, a form of warfare that employs manipulative financial techniques, lawfare, infiltration of our civil institutions and government and insidious information dominance.

Get your copy of Shariah The Threat To America HERE.

Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood

The first section of this briefing explains what shariah is according to the authorities and institutions of Islam and as promoted most aggressively by an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood.

Part 2: The Brotherhood’s ‘Civilization Jihad’ in America

The Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy for realizing its mission of “destroying Western civilization from within” was described in an undated 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document entitled “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan.” In this part, we investigate what they’re doing to implement it.

Part 3: Brotherhood Influence Operations Against ‘Policy Groups’: Conservatives & the GOP

A closer look at one of the Ikhwan’s most successful influence operations: its penetration and manipulation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America.

Part 4: Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations

If we are to understand the full nature of the threat posed by the likes of Suhail Khan, which is — as Sun Tsu admonishes — a prerequisite to counteracting that threat, we need to examine the Khan case study in closer detail.

Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right

The next part of this briefing offers some illustrative examples of the myriad ways in which Grover Norquist and his team are still very actively and purposefully promoting the Islamist agenda — with considerable, and toxic, effect.

Part 6: Electing Islamist Republicans

In this part, we consider how several individuals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists have been groomed to run for office as Republicans. The careers of Grover Norqust proteges Kamal Nawash, Faisal Gill, and Imad ‘David’ Ramadan are given close scrutiny.

Part 7: Advancing the Islamists’ Agendas

Building infrastructure and running candidates helps with the third part of Grover Norquist’s ongoing Islamist influence operation: advancing the agendas of the civilization jihadists or, at a minimum, promoting agendas that serve the Islamists’ interests.

Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists

The Obama administration has greatly exacerbated the penetration of the U.S. government achieved during the Bush administration. This part of the course will concentrate on illustrative examples of Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals who have been allowed access to – and, in some cases, given positions in the Obama administration. This part is a case study of Rashad Hussain, Huma Abedin, Daliah Mogahed, Kifa Mustapha, Momamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid.

Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda

In 2008, Barack Obama began “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He has certainly done so with respect to policies favored by Islamists. This part is a two-hour deep drill-down into the disastrous policies of the Obama White House, its State Department, Defense Department, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and more.

Part 10: What’s to be Done?

How to defeat the most serious and imminent of such dangers in our time: the Islamist doctrine of shariah and the efforts of its adherents to impose it world-wide, on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, through violent means or by stealth.

The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America

The Third Jihad is a film that exposes the threat that Islamic extremism poses to the American way of life. In 1988, the FBI discovered a secret Muslim Brotherhood document which laid out their plans to replace the Constitution with Islamic Sharia law. (Original document accepted as evidence in Holy Land terror financing trial:…)

The document stated that “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

One person who dared to speak out about the Islamist threat is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim-American who served as an officer in the U.S. navy and also as a physician to the US Congress.

After the FBI released the radical Islamist manifesto describing how to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decided to investigate.

The Third Jihad is about what he discovered.

Clarion Project brings together Middle East experts, scholars, human rights activists and Muslims to promote tolerance and moderation and challenge extremism.

Check out Clarion Project’s website to learn more:

Hillary’s True Agenda: Confiscation of Guns from Law Abiding Americans

Hillary Clinton finally has exposed her true agenda: confiscation of guns in America from law-abiding citizens. Both she and Obama have stated that they’ll use executive action if necessary to ensure gun control is accomplished. But now she’s begun speaking publicly about using the Australian model as a template for American gun control. By discussing the Australian “buyback,” what she’s making clear is that it’s not just the run-of-the-mill gun control that she’s after. She wants confiscation, too. The left seems to be in a race to see who can push this issue farthest and fastest since Obama made reference to the Australian gun grab a year ago, praising the move.

They seem to forget that the Second Amendment stands in the way of this scheme. But that doesn’t seem to deter either of them.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have come out of the closet and made their true intentions for gun owners clear. But Gun Owners of America would say to them: “What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t you understand?”

GOA will not stay silent and let opponents of the Second Amendment continue their plans for gun confiscation.

To learn more about your Second Amendment rights and the latest assaults on the Second Amendment, plus what you can do to help, visit the Gun Owners of America’s website at: