The Truth About Equality: Outcome vs. Opportunity

One of the most important discussions taking place in the world today relates to human inequality. While many people view outcome inequality as a problem in need of solving, others strive to increase the equality of opportunity instead. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the struggle between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity.

How Does Netflix Work?

Everyone I know has or has seen Netflix. This service is responsible for more internet bandwidth use then any other service on the internet. Here is a quick explanation of how Netflix works.


Leftists have infiltrated and control most of societies institutions – they are everywhere. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the facts and outlines the dangers of collectivism.

Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

Here is a conversation with Faith Goldy a reporter who was on the ground covering the happenings in Charlottsville Virginia when a car plowed in to Antifa and BLM protesters and then sped away.

Car Mows Down Antifa, BLM in Charlottesville

Faith Goldy is a journalist with TheRebel Media and the host of “On The Hunt With Faith Goldy.”


How bad are German Gun Laws?

In this video by iraqveteran88, his guest Hans hangs out to discuss gun laws in his home country of Germany. In many countries around the world, firearms ownership is considered a “privilege” rather than a “right” like in the USA, this is the case in Germany and gun owners like Hans have to jump through many hoops in order to own only a select few firearms. Stay tuned, much more on the way.