The Truth About Sex: Facts You Won’t Believe Are True! by Stefan Molyneux

Some shocking trends regarding sexual activity and life outcomes – including the alarming reason why you haven’t already heard this information. There is a mind-blowing correlation in this presentation that you’ve never seen before – and it’s important that you know about it!

In the first part of “The Truth About Sex” series, Stefan Molyneux looks at first age of sexual activity, the number of sexual partners, single mothers, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, stable marriage, child maltreatment, divorce, crime and happiness statistics.

What is the truth about sex – and what information do you need to know before playing the big person’s game which makes real people? Upcoming “The Truth About Sex” presentations will include a look at r/k reproductive strategies, polyamory/monogamy, porn, the impact of fatherlessness and much much more!